Alistair likes to bring something unique and fresh sounding to each project. Much of his recent writing combines traditional acoustic sounds with what he likes to call ‘found sound’ – everyday sounds that he records and manipulates using different sound design processing techniques. The results are a bespoke blend of textures and sound, fitting for the project brief.



His musical style is heavily influenced by his broad and somewhat eclectic taste in music, that ranges from classical to electronic to traditional folk. Combining these various influences, Alistair has written music to a brief in many different genres including symphonic scores, hybrid-electronic soundtracks, folk, hybrid folk, rock, EDM, and intimate piano.


Listen to a selection of recent work for psychological drama and thrillers.


Listen to some of Alistair’s recent music for emotional scenes in drama.


This is a selection of Alistair’s music written for ambient background in drama.


Listen to a selection of Alistair’s music written for suspense and dramatic tension.

A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Alistair mainly plays piano, guitar, bagpipes and whistles, but will experiment with anything that produces sound. He has toured around Asia and Europe as a member of different bands.

He works with creative teams both around his local Greater Glasgow area in Scotland and internationally, with recent commissions being received from New Zealand. 


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