Alistair is a Scottish composer specialising in bespoke music for film, television and podcasts, working with creative teams both around his local Greater Glasgow area in Scotland and internationally, with recent commissions being received from New Zealand.

He has written music to a brief in many different genres including symphonic scores, hybrid-electronic soundtracks, folk, hybrid folk, rock, EDM, and intimate piano. Much of his recent writing combines traditional acoustic sounds with what he likes to call ‘found sound’ – everyday sounds that he records and manipulates using different sound design processing techniques.

The results are a bespoke blend of textures and sound, fitting for the project brief.


“I worked with Alistair on my short film (The Outsider). Very dedicated and passionate artist to work with. He comes with great knowledge of music.

Highly recommend to others and I would like to work with him again.”

Sukhvir Parmar, Klean Slate Films (Writer / Director / Producer) – The Outsider (Short) 2021

“Collaborated closely with me to find the tone of the piece which was achieved. Worked quickly and flexibly to produce a high quality soundtrack and was welcoming of feedback.

All communication was polite and professional making Alistair a joy to work with.”

Stephanie Horne – Coming Out (Short) 2022

“Alistair created wonderful music for three of my short animations. He was able to capture the mood and atmosphere of what I was trying to convey perfectly and intuitively, without the need for much explanation from my side.

Not only is he talented, but also easy to work with and I’m very happy I collaborated with him as the result enhances the animations so much.”
Silvana Roth – Series of short animations 2022

“For music made in a day, this miniature score matches my animation perfectly. It shows an understanding of my character who was only on screen for a few seconds. It was exactly what I hoped for on the first try.”

Emily New – Short animated advert 2022
“Working with Alistair on the 10x10x22 project was a really enjoyable and brilliant experience. His music was creative and joyful, syncing up to the animations really well, whilst adding something else to the viewing experience. I found that both of the tracks created really worked well with the movements in the videos. The music was atmospheric and was timed beautifully to each movement and I’m really happy about the overall experience.

The soundtrack that Alistair created for the morphing animation was a really lovely use of differing instruments in a score. The rabbit, fish and bird are each assigned a different sound befitting to their movements as the animation loops and they continue to change into one another, the soundtrack builds and grows, each time around making the transition between melodies more seamless. This soundtrack managed to add a whole new layer onto the story that wasnt previously present and really was a wonderful score to hear played on top of it.”

Rachel Collingswood – The Star Catcher and Morphing Animals (Short animations) 2022

“I asked Alistair to work with me on a film that was very special to me about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. I am very happy with the sensitive music that Alistair wrote for the project. The tone was just what I was looking for and it was amazing to see that we were on the same wavelength.

He produced the music really quickly, turning it round in a day. I am looking forward to collaborating with Alistair again in future.”
María Jesús Amérigo – Exodus (Short animations) 2022
“Alistair has been a treasure to work with on our short film, Sacred Skin.  He was enthusiastic and committed throughout the production.  We had several pre-production meetings discussing the style and meaning of the soundtrack, and his drafts reflected everything we asked of him.  He integrated all our notes in post-production and worked to tight deadlines as we rushed towards our final cut.

The music he gave us is an invaluable part of our short, elevating and enriching it from the first frame to the last.  I would be happy to work with him again in the future.”

Georgina Tibai (Producer) – Sacred Skin (Short) 2022

“Alistair J. Brown’s passion for music and his craft shone through in his compositions for “The Last String,” making it an absolute joy to work with him. 

I highly recommend Alistair to any filmmaker or producer in need of a talented and dedicated composer.”
Scott McCartney (Producer) – The Last String (Short) 2022
“Alistair is a very talented, dedicated and professional composer. He is very easy to work with and understands the process of film making very well. His music nurtures the storyline to its core.

He is always up for challenge and I wish him the best of luck for his upcoming projects.

It was great working with him again and I look forward to working with him for a 3rd time.”

Sukhvir Parmar, Klean Slate Films (Writer / Director / Producer) – On the Edge of Hope (Short) 2023



Listen to a selection of recent work for psychological drama and thrillers.


Listen to some of Alistair’s recent music for emotional scenes in drama.


This is a selection of Alistair’s music written for ambient background in drama.


Listen to a selection of Alistair’s music written for suspense and dramatic tension.